Propero III

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Part No.: 60119-7252

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This race-inspired design is known for its incredible fit and tremendous value. It has many similar features to the S-Works Prevail, like the Tri-Fix webbing system and 4th Dimension Cooling, granting the Propero III incredible performance at a... Read More

源自竞赛的设计,带来惊人的贴合和巨大的性价比。类似于S-Works Prevail II的特色——例如TriFix束带系统,4th Dimension通风——让Propero III拥有优异的性能和突出的价值。

  • 带MIPS
  • 易用的HairPort FSL II系统提供4种高度调节,带有松紧微调功能。
  • 4th Dimension冷却系统带Mega Mouthport带来更高舒适性。
  • 复合材料矩阵式内部加强带来更大的通风口,提高冷却效果。
  • 柔软的4X DryLite束带并不会因为水或汗液而产生形变。
  • Tri-Fix束带系统,更舒适,调节更简便。