Replacement Road Shoe Heel Lug


Part No.: 6110-9160


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Your road shoes weren"t made for walking, but that"s just what you did. We can"t blame you, though, especially when installing a Replacement Road shoe Heel Lug is so darn easy. Just install these on your S-Works Road shoes (2012 and earlier) and s... Read More
你的公路骑行鞋并不是用来走路的。但是你这样做了,我们也不怪你。特别是在更换后跟胶块如此容易的情况下。只要把它们安装在你的 S-Works公路骑行鞋(2012年及更早款式),你就能够再次感受到脚后跟的胶块又回来了。

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