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Road Bandit

Road Bandit

Part No. 27120-9941

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So you like to keep your rig running minimalist but practical? The Road Bandit is the best of both worlds in terms of simplicity and utility for road riders. The patent-pending Road Tube Spool was integrated into the design making it extremely user friendly. Its compact form bolts under your SWAT compatible saddle and features a simple, Velcro strap and securely holds your tube, CO2, CO2 nozzle and tire lever (included). One rip of the strap and you’re in, with everything you need to fix a flat when time is of the essence.

您喜欢极简而实用?公路Bandit是满足您简洁与功能需求的解决方案。正在申请专利的Road Tube Spool被整合到这个设计当中,让它更加简单易用。它紧凑的造型可以用螺丝固定在坐垫的SWAT™安装座下,拥有简洁的魔术贴束带,以及分离的收纳位置以容纳内胎,CO2气瓶,阀门和撬胎棒(包含)。只要打开束带,您就可以轻松拿取您需要的物品,在时间紧迫的状态下修补轮胎。