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Road Tall Socks

Road Tall Socks

Part No. 64719-0092

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Your feet deserve the best, and when it comes to socks, there's no better way to treat them than with a pair of our Road Socks. They're constructed from Meryl® Skinlife yarns that fight odor with silver ions, all while transferring moisture like the best in the business. And while this leaves the foot feeling dry and cool, we took things a step further by incorporating a ventilating mesh channel around the toes.

就骑行袜而言,您值得拥有更好的。没有什么比得上我们的公路骑行袜。采用Meryl® Skinlife织物纤维打造,通过阴离子抵抗异味,同时拥有领先的快速排汗功能。于此同时保持足部的干燥和凉爽。我们更进一步在脚趾周围制造了通风网眼通道。