Roubaix Pro

Roubaix Pro

Part No. 0001-2150

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The Roubaix Pro is an endurance road tire that's well suited for smooth and rough roads alike. That's because it's fast like any competitive road tire, only it features a bead-to-bead Endurant casing, plus our BlackBelt technology for puncture protection. Meanwhile, the casing smooths your ride and keeps you fresh, while the tread handles responsively over mixed terrain. It also features a slick center tread for low rolling resistance and shoulder sipes for increased surface adaption and grip.

Roubaix Pro 是一款耐力公路车胎,平整和粗糙路面都很合适。因为它就像竞赛公路车胎那样快速,并且拥有独特的Endurant胎体,加上我们的BlackBelt 技术,带来从胎唇到胎唇的防刺保护和更高的侧壁稳定性。这一胎体能让您的骑乘体验更平顺,让您保持清新感受,胎纹则带来灵动的操控。它具有光滑的中心胎纹,以减少滚动阻力,同时两侧胎齿有助于增强地面适应力和抓地力。