Roval Boost Conversion Kit – Control SL 29 142+

Roval Boost转换套件—Control SL 29 142+

Part No.: 30017-1115

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Convert existing Roval wheels with 142mm or 142+ to be used with Boost spacing (110/148mm) suspension forks and frames.

  • Kits include front and rear hub end caps, rotor spacers, and kit-specific rotor bolts.
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  • 套件包含前后花鼓边盖,碟盘垫片和专用的碟盘螺丝
  • 兼容特定款式的MY13-17 Roval轮组。为不同的轮组选择正确的SKU
  • 使用转换套件需要重新校准后轮碟形位置。请咨询授权经销商来完成这一操作。