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Roval C 38 Disc Wheelset

Roval C 38 Disc Wheelset

Part No. 30018-4500

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Roadies all drool over carbon wheels, but the price tag often puts them out of reach. The new C 38 Disc wheels break down this barrier while bringing reliable, high performance carbon road wheels to the masses.

With the C 38, we developed an all-new, lightweight, and durable carbon rim with the modern features that savvy riders demand, and then we paired it with trusty DT Swiss components, like DT 350 rear hub internals and Competition spokes, for a build that ticks all the boxes on your wish list. The new C 38s are the perfect depth (38mm), too, so they'll feel at home on everything from gravel bikes, to aero bikes, and everything in between.

公路骑士看到碳纤维轮组就会流口水。但是它的价格标签竟让让它高高在上。新的C 38 Disc轮组打破了这一屏障,将可靠的高性能碳纤维公路轮组带入大众。

为了C 38我们开发了全新的轻量耐用的碳纤维车圈,它拥有精明的骑士们想要的现代化特性,然后我们将它与可靠的DT Swiss零件相结合,例如DT 350后花鼓内件和Competition辐条,带来的组合满足您愿望清单上的各种需求。新的C 38拥有恰到好处的框高(38mm),所以它在从沙石到破风的各款公路车上都很适合。