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Roval CL 50 Wheelset

Roval CL 50 Wheelset

Part No. 30018-5600

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After designing the CLX 50s, we realized that an affordable, race-worthy carbon wheelset was nowhere to be found—until the CL 50 was developed, that is. We paired our quiver-killing CLX 50 rim with DT Swiss Competition round spokes, our Aero Flange hubs with DT Swiss 350 internals, and steel bearings to deliver you an exceptional wheelset at a more than accessible price.

Sharing rims with the CLX 50s, the CL 50s feature many of the benefits as their higher-end siblings. Even though the CL 50 is similar in weight to many wheels in the “lightweight” category, aerodynamics came at the forefront of the development. With this, we jumped headlong into Computational Fluid Dynamics computer modeling to arrive at various rim shapes that could make the CL 50 as fast and light as possible. It took a while, but we narrowed the rim shape down to three contenders that were then CNC machined into rims, built into wheels, and put into the Win Tunnel.

In the tunnel, we tested every wheel, ours and the competition's, with a 24C tire (measuring 26C), as tires can drastically affect testing. We chose a modern-width tire to design our rims around, because they not only allow for less tire pressure (which results in more comfort and less rolling resistance) but are also just as aerodynamically efficient when paired with the correct rim width.

Now it was time for final testing validation. The result? A 50mm-deep, 1465-gram clincher wheelset that's race-ready and wallet-friendly.

CLX50推出以后,我们意识到市面上缺少价格更低,但是同样拥有竞赛级性能的碳纤维轮组——然后CL50 应运而生。我们将强大的CLX50车圈与DT Siwss Competition辐条,以及我们的Aero Flange 花鼓和DT Swiss 350内件加钢培林组合在一起,给你在平易近人的价位上带来一款优秀的轮组。 为什么是碟刹版?我们的碟刹专用车圈不但消除了刹车边,同时强度更高,更抗冲击。这就是碟刹专用碳纤维叠层优化刚性的结果,同时重量也圈刹版的差不多。与此同时,你还得到了多种环境下都令人惊叹的刹车操控和制动力。 除了与CLX 50共享车圈之外,CL 50还拥有很多与其高端兄弟相同的优势。即使它与很多被归为“轻量化”轮组相近的重量,空气动力学依然是研发时的重点。因此我们采用了流体力学计算,在电脑中模拟多种车圈形状,让CL 50更轻更快。这花费了不少时间,但是我们将车圈造型筛选到只剩三款,并且CNC切削出车圈来,编好轮组,放进了我们的风洞。 在风洞中,我们测试了每一个轮子,同时我们还测试了其他品牌的轮子,并在测试中装配了24C外胎(实测26C)。因为轮胎会大幅度影响测试结果,所以我们选择了围绕一个中等宽度来设计我们的车圈。因为它不仅能让车手使用更低的胎压(带来更好的舒适性和更低的滚阻)同时在与合适宽度的车圈搭配时也更加破风。 到了最终测试检验的时候了。结果?50毫米框高,1465克的开口轮组,随时准备上场比赛,并且不会榨干你的钱包。