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Roval CLX 32 – Front

Roval CLX 32 – Front

Part No. 30017-7701

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When we set out to create a lightweight wheelset, we didn’t want it to be “just another climbing wheel." We wanted to provide the lightest wheelset out there with the aerodynamic attributes of something twice its depth. One wheel that'll get you to the base of a climb quickly and up it as efficiently as possible, yet still be strong enough for day-to-day abuse. It was a tall order, but in the end, the CLX 32 gave us more than what we asked for.

Our design process started with a low overall weight at the forefront, as we knew what weight we could hit with the information and technology we had available. With that weight in mind, we then turned our focus to aerodynamics and began an iterative process of designing and testing over 150 individual rims to find the optimal shape. These innumerable Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models, Win Tunnel hours, and shots of espresso left us with a 32mm-deep shape that boasts more logged wind tunnel time than any other wheel in its category.

Once we found the most aerodynamic shape, at the 32-millimter depth, we came back to the weight focus and proceeded to experiment with over 40 different layup methods to reach our desired weight. And this made the CLX 32 lighter and faster than every other competitor in the lightweight wheel category.

For the CLX 32 clincher front, we mated the rim to our Aero Flange (AF) series hub with DT Swiss Aero spokes in order to create the best overall wheel system. This resulted in a 553-gram, 21mm-wide (internal width) front wheel with an extremely low inertia value. In cycling, inertia relates to the amount of force it takes to accelerate or decelerate, so wheels that are built with lightweight rims, like the CLX 32, result in a lower inertia value that creates a lively wheel that allows you to accelerate, decelerate, and change direction with less effort. But why so wide? Well, additional width does three primary things for a rim—it provides additional structural strength, it allows for a clean rim and tire interface when using wide tires (resulting in enhanced aerodynamics and faster rolling properties), and it better supports the tire in hard cornering. This boosts both predictable grip and confidence when things get twisty on the descents.

Each CLX 32 clincher front wheel also employs the legendary CeramicSpeed bearings and comes with our padded wheelbag, quick-release, tubeless plugs, tubeless valve, and SwissStop Black Prince brake pads.

  • Rim Type: Carbon clincher, 2Bliss Ready
  • Rim Material: Carbon
  • Braking Surface: Carbon fiber
  • Brake Track Height: 12mm
  • Rim Depth: 32mm
  • Rim Width: 20.7mm internal
  • Spoke Pattern: Radial
  • Spoke Count: 16
  • Spoke Type: DT Swiss Aerolite T-head
  • Nipple Type: DT Swiss Pro Lock hexagonal
  • Front Hub: Roval AF1, CeramicSpeed bearings
  • Assembly Method: Hand-built
  • Extras: Roval padded wheelbag, Roval steel quick-release, Roval tubeless plugs and tubeless valve, SwissStop Black Prince brake pads
  • Weight: 550g
我们决定要打造轻量化轮组的时候,我们不仅仅是想要“一对爬坡轮组”而已。我们想给你带来轻量化体验明显的轮组,同时拥有相当于它两倍框高的轮组所拥有的气动性能。一款能够让你快速到达爬坡起点,并且高效完成任务,同时又足够强悍以应对日常使用的轮组。这是一个远大的目标,但是最终,我们的CLX 32 Disc带来了优异的成绩。 我们的设计初始的首要目标是重量轻盈,因为我们很清楚我们运用手头的资料和技术能够达到这个重量目标。有了这个重量目标之后,我们把注意力转向空气动力学,并开始反复进行设计并且测试了超过150个车圈以优化造型。不计其数的流体力学计算模型,风洞测试以及浓缩咖啡最终给我们带来了这款32毫米框高的造型,它拥有大量的风洞测试时间。 在我们确定32毫米框高的空气动力学造型之后,我们回到了重量问题上,又试验了超过40种碳纤维叠层来获得我们想要的重量。这让CLX 32在我公司同级别产品中更轻,更快。 CLX 32 开口前轮,我们将车圈与我们的Aero Flange(AF)系列花鼓,DT Swiss Aero辐条相匹配以获得整体高性能。这带来了553克,21毫米内宽,惯性极低的前轮。在骑行中,惯性意味着加速和减速所需要的力量,所以像CLX 32这样用轻盈的车圈编制的轮组带来的低惯性能够让你在加速、减速和改变方向时更加省力,骑乘感受更加活跃。但是为什么那么宽?增加的宽度能够给车圈带来三个优势——提供更高的结构强度,在使用宽胎的时候让轮胎和车圈的接口处更清爽,带来更好的破风和滚动性能,在急弯中更好地支撑车圈,带来更可预见的附着力,提升蜿蜒下坡时的信心。 每一个车轮都使用了了传奇的CeramicSpeed培林,附赠我们带衬垫的轮组袋,快拆、真空转换塞、真空气嘴和SwissStop Black Prince刹车片。