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Roval Control 29 Carbon 148

Roval Control 29 Carbon 148

Part No. 30118-2509

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It’s not often that “affordable” and “carbon” appear in the same sentence, but our Control 29 Carbon wheelset was designed to change that. Utilizing many of the same techniques used in the development of the SL iteration of the Control 29, these wheels provide the lightweight XC performance you need at a more attainable price.

Creating a successful XC wheelset isn't as easy as you might think. Often times, keeping a wheel light, stiff, and strong requires an unlimited budget. So when we were asked to create a wheel that had low inertia and weight, but was also affordable, strong enough to take on rocks and roots, and wide enough to optimize traction and rolling resistance, we knew that we had our work cut out for us.

We started with the notion of keeping these wheels as close to their SL brethren as possible. And with this, we explored what made the SLs so awesome in the first place, and then we implemented nearly every aspect of them. Starting with the rim, we kept our renowned Zero Hook Bead that allows for continuous fiber layup across the sidewall and rim bed. We then paired it with a wide 25-millimeter internal profile that makes it resilient to impact and creates a tire profile that’s conducive to low rolling resistance and incredible traction.

On the trail, these technical traits translate to a wheelset that many XC riders have grown to love—quick accelerations on punchy climbs, swift stopping that lets you leave braking till the last second, and unprecedented reliability. Combine this with the easy to set up our 2Bliss Ready system and you have a reliable XC wheelset that’s as easy to climb on as it is to work on.

To go along with the rim, we made sure to keep the lightweight, reliable, and affordable features in mind when building the wheelset, so we took DT Swiss 350 Classic hubs (15x110mm thru-axle front / 12x148mm thru-axle rear) and hand-laced them with 28 DT Swiss Competition Race spokes. Finding hand-built wheels is becoming more and more difficult, but we're fully invested in the power of the human touch. When a wheel is machine-built, there are certain margins of error that are built into the system that result in inconsistencies. With a real person building your wheels, however, you're sure to get a wheelset that's free of imperfections.

便宜和碳纤维很少出现在同一个句子里,但是我们的Control 29 Carbon轮组就是要打破这一陈规。采用在研发Control 29 SL当中运用的技术,这款轮组在您可接受的价位上带来您所需的轻盈的XC性能。


我们的出发点是让它们尽可能靠近SL版本。所以我们探究了SL为何这么棒,然后我们将它的几乎所有方面都融入到新的轮组设计中。从车圈开始,我们保持了著名的Zero Hook Bead直圈唇设计,这让车圈侧壁和内侧的碳纤维叠层可以连续不断。然后我们将它与25mm内宽的设计结合,让它更耐冲击并且创造出有利于低滚阻和高循迹性的轮胎形状。

在林道中,这些技术特性带来的是很多XC骑士会喜欢的轮组——在陡坡能迅猛加速,让您在最后一刻才刹车的迅猛制动,还有难得的高可靠性。将这些与我们方便设置的2Bliss Ready准真空系统相结合,您就有了一套可靠的XC轮组,它爬坡轻松,并且维保方便。

为了和车圈相配合,我们也把轻盈、可靠和便宜这三个特性在打造轮组时付诸实践。所以我们采用了DT 350 Classic花鼓(前15x110mm筒轴 / 后12x148mm 筒轴),加上28根DT Swiss Competition Race辐条手工编制。寻找手工编制的轮组越来越难。不过我们在人力技术上完全投入。当轮组是机器编制的时候,系统中必须要容许一些误差,这造成了品质和性能的不稳定。当一个真正的技师编制您的轮组时,您就可以确定得到的轮组更加趋于完美。