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Roval Control SL 29 Center Lock Micro Spline Rear

Roval Control SL 29 Center Lock Micro Spline Rear

Part No. 30120-2202

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Size Chart
Fastest XC Wheels In the Real World 1240 grams is an obscenely light weight when talking about mountain bike wheelsets, the kind of weight that XC racers dream about. But light weight alone is no longer enough. So, we engineered the new Control SL wheels to be sharp handling, smooth riding, extra durable, and 22% less likely to pinch-flat your tires, in addition to being some of the lightest weight production wheels on the planet.
  • Rim Type: Carbon clincher, 2Bliss Ready, Zero Bead Hook 4mm FlatTop design
  • Rim Width: 29mm internal
  • Rear Spoke Pattern:DT Swiss Aerolite Straightpull 294mm, 24-hole, Two-cross
  • Nipple Type: DT Swiss Pro Lock Hexagonal Alloy 14mm 2.0mm
  • Rear Hub: Roval Engineered Control SL Center Lock alloy body, Single Spoke Length, DT Swiss 36t EXP ratchet, includes Shimano MicroSpline freehub and 148 end caps.
  • Bearing Type: SiNC Ceramic Sealed cartridge
  • Rear Wheel Weight: 676g; Set; 1240g
  • Assembly Method: Hand-built
  • Every wheel includes aluminum tubeless valve stems and individual spoke hole plugs, tubeless tape, and a spare spoke kit.
  • System Weight Limit: 275lbs / 125kg

重量仅约1240克,这是XC车手梦寐以求的重量。 但是只有轻量化还远远不够。 因此,我们设计了新的Control SL车轮,以使其具备犀利的操控性,平滑的通过性,和更强的耐用性,还减少了约22%的爆胎风险。

  • 轮圈类型:碳纤维开口圈,2Bliss Ready准真空,直唇设计,4mm FlatTop 设计
  • 轮圈宽度:29mm内宽
  • 后辐条编法:DT Swiss Aerolite 直拉 294mm,24孔,双交叉
  • 条帽类型:DT Swiss Pro Lock六角头,铝合金 14mm 2.0mm
  • 后花鼓:Roval Engineered Control SL 中央锁死铝合金本体,单一辐条长度,DT Swiss 36t EXP 棘轮,含SRAM XX1 11速花鼓及148边盖
  • 培林类型:SiNC Ceramic Sealed cartridge
  • 组装方式:手工编制
  • 每个轮子包含铝合金真空气嘴,辐条孔塞,真空胎垫,以及一个备用辐条套件。
  • 承重上限:125kg
  • 后轮重量:约676g,整对重量:约1240g