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Roval Control SL 29 Torque Tube 148

Roval Control SL 29 Torque Tube 148

Part No. 30117-2409

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Ask Jaroslav Kulhavý, and he'll tell you—every gram counts in cross country racing. But with XC tracks becoming more aggressive than ever, just being a flyweight wheel is no longer sufficient. Now, wheels need to be as tough and stiff as they are light, with all of the handling characteristics that seasoned XC riders have come to expect. These days, wheels need to be more like the new Control SL 29 with a Torque Tube and a 148mm rear.

When our riders asked us for the ultimate cross country wheels, we knew that they were really asking for some pretty specific features. They had to be light in order to be low in the inertia and weight departments, strong enough to take on rocks and roots on a short-travel race bike, and wide enough so that the tire profile was optimized for both traction and rolling resistance—not an easy feat.

To check all of these design boxes, we started by looking at our Traverse SL rim to see if we could extract the wide-rim benefits while keeping the weight at, or below, the previous Control SL, the existing race-ready benchmark. Based on the width we knew was ideal for the desired ride characteristics, we tuned the rim shape to optimize the stiffness, weight, and ride quality of the system as a whole—too tall and the wheel rides too stiff, too shallow and the wheel can be too flexy. Our engineers meticulously went through rim shape developments to find the perfect balance and optimal geometry, and after fine-tuning multiple layup iterations and schedules, we ended with a 25-millimeter internal width rim that is approximately the same weight as the previous Control SL.

Being able to add material and width (3mm to be exact), without a weight penalty makes for a stronger XC wheel, but we weren’t content settling with just an increase in strength. With our goal being the fastest XC wheelset available, we took the new and old rims, paired them with a set of size 2.0 Fast Trak tires, and performed rolling resistance tests at both 20 and 30 PSI. The result? The new, wider rim tested faster at both pressures, confirming our line-wide hypothesis that wider is not only stronger, but faster.

Keeping the Zero Bead Hook design, the new Control SL rim keeps all the sought-after features that come with this design—added impact resistance, easy tubeless tire installation, and a better tire seal on the rim. And with a lighter rim, you're also rewarded with extremely low inertia, that translates to faster accelerations for the punchy efforts required of XC racing.

Focusing on the wheels as a system, we kept with our core design tenants of lightweight and durability, so we made sure not to skimp on the build. Each wheel is built by hand, and while this is somewhat of a lost art, we know that a real person can achieve qualities that a machine simply can’t. When hand-building, little discrepancies can be found that would otherwise be missed by a machine, so we took the refined 2Bliss-Ready rim and matched it with our CNC-machined hubs with DT Swiss Competition Race spokes. The hub internals feature sealed bearings and DT Swiss 240 internals with a 54-tooth star ratchet in the rear, making for lightning fast engagement.

Finally, with the TT/148 variant, you receive all of the benefits that Boost spacing offers while continuing to run a RockShox RS-1 fork—By increasing the width of the rear hub flange, and in turn, increasing frame clearance and stiffness, you obtain a stiffer, stronger, and more durable system at a minor weight penalty.

If you’re in need of sub-1400-gram, race-ready wheelset that has handling and strength of a modern trail wheel, the Control SL 29 is the perfect choice.

如果你问Jaroslav Kulhavý的话,他会告诉你在XC比赛中每一克都很重要。现在的XC赛道越来越凶险,轮组仅仅做得轻已经不够了。现在轮组不但要轻,还要硬朗,还要强悍,这样才能满足XC老手所期望的操控特性。现在,轮组必须像我们的Control SL 29一样,拥有Torque Tube和148毫米开档。 当我们的骑士向我们索要性能优异的XC轮组时,我们知道他们有几项相当具体的需求。轮组要轻,从而在重量和惯性上获得优势,足够强悍,能配合短行程车辆迎接石块和树根的撞击,并且足够宽,让外胎能够获得优化的形状来提升附着力和降低滚阻——把这结合起来可不容易。 为了满足所有这些要求,我们从研究我们的Traverse SL车圈开始,看我们是否可以获得宽圈的优势,同时保留,甚至降低上一代Control SL的重量——而它是我们曾经的标杆。拥有我们已知的骑乘特性所需的宽度,我们修改了车圈的形状以优化刚性、重量和骑乘品质。这是个系统工程——过大的框高让轮组骑起来太硬,过低则会让它太软。我们的工程师不断地尝试多种造型来找到适合的数据,而通过优化多个叠层方案,我们最终获得了这款25毫米内宽的车圈,重量与上一代Control SL相同。 增加材料和宽度(3毫米)而不增加重量,带来了强悍的XC轮组。但是我们并不满足于仅仅增加强度。我们的目标是设计更快的竞赛级轮组,所以我们把新老车圈都装上2.0宽度的Fast Trak外胎,在20和30psi气压分别做了滚阻测试。结果?新的,更宽的车圈在两个气压上的滚阻都更小,证明了我们的宽圈理论,宽圈不但更强悍,也更快速。 保留无圈唇设计的全新Control SL车圈也拥有这一设计所带来的一切特点——更好的抗冲击性,更简单的真空转换,轮胎和车圈之间更好的密封。由于车圈更轻,你需要克服的惯性更新好,这意味着更快的加速,有利于节奏迅猛的XC赛事。将轮组作为系统来看待,我们保持了核心设计,轻量与耐用。所以在组装上当然不能敷衍了事。每一组轮子都是手工编制,虽然这已经快要成为失传的艺术,我们深知,人工所能达到的品质是机器所不能及的。我们将改进的2Bliss Ready准真空车圈与我们的CNC切削花鼓,以及DT Swiss Competition Race辐条相匹配。花鼓内采用密封培林和DT Swiss 240内件,拥有54齿棘轮结构,带来迅捷的咬合速度。 最后,TT/148的版本让你获得一切Boost开档带来的好处,并且继续使用RockShox RS-1前叉。增加了前后花鼓的法兰间距,提升了车架和前叉的排泥性和刚性,获得了刚性更强,更坚固耐用的整套系统,却仅有微小的重量提升。 如果你需要一组1400克以下的竞赛级轮组,并且要拥有现代林道轮组的操控性和强度,那么Control SL 29是上佳的选择。