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Roval SLX 24 Wheelset

Roval SLX 24 Wheelset

Part No. 30017-8801

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Recent advancements have made carbon fiber nearly equal in strength to aluminum, but these innovative technologies typically come at a high price. For when durability, strength, and budget are the top three things on your wheel search list, nothing beats aluminum as the material of choice. With this in mind, we set out to create a disc-only alloy wheelset that features many of the desired qualities found in a carbon wheel, such as low weight, stiffness, and good looks, but with the durability to train and race both on and off road. In the end, our SLX 24 wheelset came out as a lightweight, durable wheelset that’s ready for whatever you throw at it.

The wide profile of the SLX 24 is what really sets them apart from others in in the same weight category. Most wheels in this category feature a much narrower internal width, a flaw that impairs a proper tire/rim match. But the 20mm internal rim width of the SLX 24s have them pair nicely with road and 'cross tires alike. This match allows for lower rolling resistance due to the ability to run lower pressures and wider tires. Lower pressures with wider tires and rims is somewhat of a new concept, but can greatly improve ride quality and performance. Wide rims allow for more air volume in the tire, and with more air, less pressure is needed to have the same resistance to pinch flats, providing you with a more supple ride without the risk of flats both on and off-road. On the performance side of things, less pressure equates to less rolling resistance via the tire soaking up road imperfections rather than bouncing over them. When too much pressure is in a tire, without realizing it, your bike will ever-so-slightly spring over road imperfections, wasting precious watts—but lower pressures soak up these bumps and keep use your power strictly for forward movement. Less pressure also greatly improves grip, inspiring confidence when the road gets twisty.

Even with a budget-friendly price in mind, we made sure not to compromise quality with the build components of our SLX 24. The use of quality alloy sets the tone for the rest of the build, quality, and with this, we start with the 24-millimeter-deep rims that offer both low weight and great durability, and hand-lace them to the same aero (AF) hubs that you find on our top-end carbon models via 20/24 DT Swiss Competition spokes—resulting in a respectable 1495-gram wheelset. Building wheels by hand is a practice that's becoming scarce, but being fully invested in making the best wheels means that we know hand-built wheels provide a level of quality unmatched by machines. Machines miss little discrepancies that humans catch, and these are the flaws that make the difference between a good and a prestigious wheelset.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense wheelset that you can race and train on with equal aplomb, without worrying about reliability, look no further than our SLX 24 wheelset.

​近期的技术进步让碳纤维的强度几乎和铝合金一样,但是这些创新技术也带来了更高的价格。当耐用性,强度和预算是你搜寻轮组的三大首要目标的时候,铝合金就成为了首选材料。因此,我们创造了这款碟刹版铝合金轮组,它拥有很多碳纤维轮组讨人喜爱的特性,例如轻量化,高刚性和高颜值,同时也拥有过人的耐用性以应对在铺装路面和非铺装路面的训练和比赛。最终,我们的SLX 24轮组轻盈、耐用,准备好迎接你给他的多种挑战。 SLX 24的宽体设计是让它超越一些其他同等重量级别轮组的核心。这个级别很多轮组的内宽窄得多,妨碍了轮胎和车圈的配合。而SLX 24的20毫米内宽则能够让它很好滴配合公路和公路越野轮胎。这样的配合可以使用更宽的轮胎,更低的胎压,带来更低的滚动阻力。低胎压配合更宽的车圈和车胎某种意义上说是新的观念,但是它们能够大幅度提升骑乘品质和性能。宽圈可以让轮胎容纳更多的空气,空气容量更大的情况下同等防磕爆胎所需要的气压就会降低,给你带来更舒适的启程感受,同时不增大在非铺装路面爆胎的风险。在性能方面,更低的胎压带来更低的滚动阻力,因为轮胎可以更好地吸收路面的不平整,而不是因此而弹跳。当胎压太高的时候,我们自己可能不会感知到,但是自行车会因为路面不平而轻轻弹跳,浪费了宝贵的功率——但是低胎压会吸收掉这些震动,让你的力量用于驱动车辆前进。更低的胎压也大幅度提升了附着力,在蜿蜒的道路上带来更好的信心。 即使在预算的压力下,我们也确保在打造我们的SLX 24的过程中不牺牲品质。采用高品质铝合金奠定了基础。在这款轮组上我们采用了24毫米框高的车圈,轻盈而耐用,并且通过手工将它们编制在我们高级别碳纤维轮组采用的空气动力学花鼓(AF)上,采用20/24根DT Swiss Competition辐条,带来优秀的1515克重量。 虽然手工编制轮组已经快要成为失传的艺术,但是全身心投入高品质轮组的我们深知手工编制的轮组其品质是机器所达不到的。机器总会漏过一些偏差,然而人工可以找到。而这决定了高品质轮组和普通轮组的差异。如果你想要一款直截了当,能够用于训练和比赛却无需考虑耐用性的,我们的SLX 24轮组会是很好的选择。