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Roval Traverse 29 Carbon 148

Roval Traverse 29 Carbon 148

Part No. 30118-8109

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The trails in our neck of the woods get pretty hairy pretty fast, so we've found them to be the perfect testing ground for fast and tough wheels like our Traverse 29 Carbon. The steep climbs and descents helped inspire some pretty radical designs, and most importantly, left us with no doubt that these wheels will exceed your expectations.

Let's talk about those expectations. They include everything from the ability to stay true after launching off drops to being light enough to efficiently pedal to the top of a climb—and they all begin with the rim. Our engineers knew they wanted carbon fiber, and with the inclusion of our Zero Bead Hook design, they were able to implement a continuous fiber layup across the sidewall and rim bed. And when paired with a whopping 30-millimeter internal rim width, they made a wheel that's super resilient to impact with low rolling resistance and incredible traction. You'll also find that it helps prevent burping during hard cornering, while also making tubeless set up quick and easy.

Along with light overall weight, stiffness, and durability, another top priority for the Traverse was ease of use. First off, we got rid of the creaky straight-pull spokes and corrosion-prone alloy nipples. Next up, we landed on 28 J-bend spokes, for front and rear wheels, that are all the same length—making it easy to find replacements if needed. And finally, we engineered a new hub design with a wider profile and higher flange to aid in overall stiffness.

A wider rim does a variety of things for ride performance—it better supports the tire for increased confidence and grip, and it affords you the ability to run lower pressures that help spread impact out over a larger surface area to reduce the risk of damage. And when you combine this girth with the notoriously fast rolling 29 platform, you’re left with an incredibly stiff, quick to accelerate wheelset that climbs just as well as it shreds descents.

After designing the perfect trail rim, we kept our lightweight and durable design properties in mind with the wheel build, hand-lacing the rims with DT Swiss 350 Classic hubs via 28 DT Swiss Competition Race spokes and brass Pro Lock nipples. Inside, you'll find sealed cartridge bearings and a 36t quick engagement ratchet system for quick accelerations. We also wanted to ensure that each wheel was built correctly, and we found that this could only be achieved by hand. Machines, we found, have a tendency to miss little mistakes that humans catch.

Each wheelset comes packaged with a SRAM XD driver, 11-speed freehub, and a tubeless valve stem in order to make tubeless set up a touch easier. *Please note that Shimano freehubs are sold separately.

我们附近的林道很惊险很高速,所以我们觉得这是一个很好的测试场,适合快速而强壮的轮组,例如我们的Traverse 29 Carbon。陡直的爬坡和下坡为很多激进的设计带来了灵感,更重要的是让我们确信这款轮组会超越您的期望。

我们来谈谈期望值。这包含在飞下落差之后保持圆正,轻盈到可以高效率地爬到坡顶——而这都始于车圈。我们的工程师知道他们想要的是碳纤维车圈,并且要用我们的Zero Bead直唇设计。这能够让车圈侧壁和内侧用上连续的碳纤维叠层。加上惊人的30mm内宽,它们让轮组相当耐冲击,并且拥有低滚阻和令人难以置信的循迹性。您还会发现这有助于防止真空胎在高强度弯道中被扒开,同时让装真空胎的过程也更加快速便捷。



设计出先进的林道车圈之后,我们在轮组配置方面也保持了它轻盈而耐用的设计特性。手工将车圈与DT Swiss 350 Classic花鼓以28根DT Swiss Competition Race辐条和Pro Lock黄铜条帽编制起来。内部您将看到密闭培林和36响快速咬合棘轮系统,带来更迅猛的加速。我们还希望确保每一对轮组都打造得更加完美,而这可以通过手工编制达成。而机器编制则容易产生一些人工比较容易发现的问题。

每一对轮组标配一个SRAM XD 塔基,以及真空气嘴,让您安装真空胎更加容易一些。*请注意,Shimano塔基需另购。