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Roval Traverse 38 SL Fattie 27.5 148

Roval Traverse 38 SL Fattie 27.5 148

Part No. 30119-7300

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While there may be a linear relationship between increased tire size and increased fun, this relationship only holds true when wider tires are paired with the correct width rims. Having a 2.8", or high-volume, tire mated to a narrow rim makes for a squirmy, poor handling experience, and when you’re on the hunt for additional fun, these characteristics are undesirable. Lucky for you, the new age of traction, stability, and speed has arrived—and its name is the Traverse 38 SL Fattie 27.5.

Along with light overall weight, stiffness, and durability, another top priority for the Traverse SL was ease of use. First off, we got rid of the creaky straight-pull spokes and corrosion-prone alloy nipples. Next up, we landed on 28 J-bend spokes, for front and rear wheels, that are all the same length—making it easy to find replacements if needed. And finally, we engineered a new hub design, with a wider profile and higher flange to aid in overall stiffness.

While our 38-millimeter Traverse SL is already wider than most offerings, the benefits of three-inch tires become more apparent with a proper rim interface. In search for the proper width, our engineers tested various iterations, from 30 to 45 millimeters, to determine where the sweet spot lies. What they ended up with is a 38-millimeter internal rim width that turns the Traverse 38 SL Fatties into descending machines


A wide internal rim width endows riders with a variety of advantages that are exemplified even more with plus-sized tires. The extra width allows for more tire volume, translating into more supple ride qualities, and better support for the tire, meaning that you'll experience less "burping" when riding tubeless and a drastic increase in traction. After determining the proper rim width for the plus-sized application, we began designing the rim using the same low-weight, high-strength technologies used in the Traverse SL and the Control SL. With this, we started with our Zero Bead Hook design that effectively eliminates the biggest weak spot found in traditional rims, and topped it off by using high-modulus carbon fiber to keep the weight down. And to further this theme, the wheels also include the Roval tubeless plug system, which sheds an additional 50 grams-per-wheel compared to a rim strip

Each Traverse 38 SL Fattie is hand-built to our own alloy hubs with DT Swiss Competition Race spokes. Inside our hubs, you'll find sealed cartridge bearings all-around, and a quick-engaging 54t DT Swiss star ratchet system in the rear that allows you to power over rocks and roots without delay. And while machines do a decent job of building wheels, we choose professionally trained humans to build ours, as they catch various flaws that a machine would otherwise miss.

  • Rim Type: Carbon clincher, 2Bliss Ready, Zero Bead Hook design. Black graphic under clear coat.
  • Rim Material: Carbon fiber
  • Rim Width: 38mm internal
  • Front Spoke Pattern: Two-cross
  • Rear Spoke Pattern: Two-cross
  • Spoke Count: 28h Front, 28h Rear
  • Spoke Type: DT Swiss Competition Race J-bend
  • Nipple Type: DT Swiss Brass Pro Lock hexagonal
  • Front Hub: Alloy body, 15mmx110 thru-axle, 19 and 31mm OD end cap options included.
  • Rear Hub: CNC-machined alloy body, high-quality DT 240 internals and 54t quick engagement ratchet system cassette, includes SRAM XX1 11-speed freehub and 148 end caps.

轮胎尺寸的增加和乐趣的增加似乎是有线性的关系,但是则个关系只在轮胎和车圈宽度相对应的时候才成立。拥有2.8“高容量轮胎与狭窄的车圈相配合,带来的是容易扭动的,糟糕的操控体验,而但您在寻求更多乐趣的时候,这样的特点是不受欢迎的。不过您很走运,循迹性、稳定性和速度的新纪元已经到来,而它的名字叫作Traverse 38 SL Fattie 27.5

除了轻盈的重量、高刚性和耐用性,Traverse SL的另一个重点是易用性。首先我们放弃了异响的直拉辐条和易受腐蚀的铝合金条帽。然后我们选择了28根J型辐条,前后都一样。它们的长度也一样——让需要时获取替换的辐条更加简单。最后,我们采用了新的花鼓设计,拥有更宽的间距和更高的法兰来提升整体刚性

我们38毫米宽的Traverse SL已经比大部分其他选择更宽,更合适的车圈接合面更能凸显三英寸轮胎的好处。为了找到合适的宽度,我们的工程师测试了从30到45毫米的各种版本,进而确定恰到好处的点在哪里。他们最终决定是38毫米内宽的车圈,并以此将Traverse 38 SL变成了下坡机器。


大内宽的车圈给骑士带来了各种优势,并通过Plus尺寸的轮胎进一步放大。更大的宽度可以容纳更大的轮胎,行程更柔顺的骑乘品质,对轮胎也有更好的支撑,这意味着您骑真空轮组的时候有更小的几率爆气,而在循迹性上有大幅度的上升。在确定了Plus尺寸合适的车圈宽度之后,我们采用与Traverse SL和Control SL同样的低重量、高强度的技术开发车圈。我们采用直唇设计,解决了传统圈唇的弱点,并采用高模量碳纤维将重量控制下来。为了更出色,轮组还包含Roval真空盖,与胎垫相比,每一个轮子又降低了大约50克的重量。

Traverse 38 SL Fattie采用我们自家的铝合金花鼓和DT Swiss Competition Race辐条手工编制。您将会发现花鼓采用密闭轴承,拥有咬合快速的54齿DT Swiss棘轮系统,让您快速碾过石块和树根。虽然机器编制的轮组已经还不错,但是我们选择经过职业训练的工人,因为他们能够发现各种机器很可能错过的问题。