S-Works Carbon Mini Rise Handlebars

S-Works Carbon Mini Rise车把

Part No.: 21120-0116

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The S-Works Carbon Mini Rise handlebars blend the durability of DH bars with an XC race weight, and this makes one of the lightest, most versatile pairs of carbon trail handlebars on the market. They also feature a 780-millimeter width, with cu... Read More

S-Works Carbon Mini Rise车把融合了DH车把的耐用性和XC车把的重量。这让它成为格外轻盈且用途多样的林道车把。它还拥有780mm的宽度,带有切割刻度以便根据您的个人喜好找到合适的宽度。

  • SL FACT高强度碳纤维打造,带来高耐用性和轻盈重量的结合
  • 夹具直径:31.8毫米
  • 抬升:小抬升 (0.4” / 10mm)
  • 宽度:780mm,带切割刻度以便自定义宽度
  • 角度:6度上扬;8度后掠
  • 表面:哑光单向碳纤维