S-Works Carbon Seatpost

S-Works 碳纤维座管

Part No.: 28115-3000

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The S-Works Carbon seatpost is constructed from FACT carbon, so you get the perfect blend of high durability, stiffness, and comfort. A cylindrical aluminum head assembly, meanwhile, makes fore/aft and tilt adjustments super easy with an easy-a... Read More

  • 采用FACT碳纤维结构,集高耐用性、高硬度和高舒适度等诸多优点于一身。
  • 配备圆柱形铝合金座管头,借助其上易于操作的单个螺钉可以调整座管的前后位置和倾斜度。
  • 后飘:0/10/20毫米
  • 口径: 27.2mm / 30.9mm
  • 以下尺码可选:
  • 27.2mm x 350mm x 20mm
  • 27.2mm x 400mm x 20mm
  • 27.2mm x 400mm x 0mm
  • 30.9mm x 400mm x 10mm