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S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit

S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit

Part No. 64116-21041

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Poor fitting clothing is one of the largest contributing factors to aerodynamic drag. With this in mind, we decided to take those seconds back, starting with an aggressive fit. But without an anchor point for the jersey, however, material bunches at the shoulders and sleeves. And where there are wrinkles, drag is soon to follow. The solution? The S-Works Evade GC Skinsuit.

By creating eight different sizes, we’ve created a level of fit that's akin to a custom skinsuit, which equates to an elimination of bunching and its associated drag. Not stopping there, we also targeted seams at the main source of seam sabotage—the shoulders. And for the first time, we eliminated the shoulder seam altogether. This seamless shoulder construction is patent-pending, and it features a Dimplex aerodynamic fabric composition. The result? This skinsuit is the fastest apparel piece that we’ve ever seen. In fact, compared to our standard SL Pro jersey and bib shorts, it's an astounding 96 seconds faster over 40 kilometers.

To meet the needs of modern day riders and racers, the GC version, found here, also includes three integrated pockets on the back, as well as a full-front zipper for added versatility and comfort.

糟糕的裁剪是影响空气动力学的最大因素之一。考虑到这一点,我们决定争取回这些丢失的秒数,从高度的贴合开始。骑行服上没有定位点,面料就会在肩膀和袖子堆积起来。哪里有褶皱,空气阻力也会增大。解决办法?S-Works Evade GC 。

通过制造8个不同的尺寸,我们制造的骑行服水准更像是个人定制版,这能够消除褶皱和带来的相关空气阻力。不仅如此,我们还努力消除影响最大的接缝处——肩部接缝。这是我们第一次完全消除肩部接缝。这种无缝肩部设计正在专利申请中,它由Dimplex空气动力学纤维构成。结果?这件紧身骑行服是我们所见过最快的骑行服。事实上,对比于我们的标准的SL Pro骑行服和骑行短裤,它能够在40公里的骑行中省下惊人的96秒。