S-Works Pavé SL Carbon Seatpost

S-Works Pavé SL 碳纤维座管

Part No.: 28120-3210


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This is the first seatpost that’s compliant AND aerodynamic—a total win, win. We initially developed the Pavé seatpost for the all-new Roubaix, and it’ll make a fantastic addition to your Tarmac SL6. Of course, it’s also designed to make fine-t... Read More

这是第一款符合标准的空气动力学的座管——绝对的双赢。我们最初为全新的Roubaix开发了Pavé 座管,它将成为您 Tarmac SL6的一个奇妙补充。当然,借助其上易于操作的单个螺钉可以调整座垫的位置,且有两种后飘选项。

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