S-Works Phenom

S-Works Phenom

Part No. 27220-2003

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The S-Works Phenom is a top-of-the-line, lightweight, all-terrain saddle that features a FACT carbon fiber shell that's specifically tuned for the stiffness required of racing. And with a rounded, anti-snag tail and the perfect amount of padding, you'll find it be more than ready for all-day rides both on-and off-road.

S-Works Phenom是我们高级别的轻量化山地车座垫,采用为竞赛所需的刚性而精心调校的FACT碳纤维基板,以及圆润,防磨的尾部以及合适厚度的衬垫。你会发现它已经准备好迎接一天的恶战。