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S-Works Power Cranks – Dual-Sided

S-Works Power Cranks – Dual-Sided

Part No. 48118-2001

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No matter your skill level or experience on the bike, there's no better way to enhance your training and racing performance than by riding with a power meter. Lucky for you, we've combined our incredibly light and stiff carbon fiber S-Works road cranks with dual-sided power measurement, making it the lightest (440g/172.5mm) and most accurate power meter available.

The development of Power Cranks began with our Human Performance Team looking at riders in realistic scenarios on the bike. Historically, power meters have been validated by two different methods—one is by measuring the produced torque by applying a static, linear load to a crankarm or chainring, while the second uses a power generating motor to pedal the bike. Well, cycling is neither static nor linear, and humans apply power much differently than a machine. So, we found that neither of these methods answer the real-world accuracy question.

To get the best test for accuracy, in all types of riding scenarios, we built our own cycling treadmill, the WinMill, to measure power output to a known truth. This new benchmark lets us evaluate accuracy under all riding conditions—seated versus standing, various power and cadence levels, different weights, and a myriad of gear. This data acquisition process is our gold-standard for testing power meters, and through our testing and external validation from the Locomotion lab in Boulder, Colorado, Power Cranks have been proven to have the highest accuracy in real world scenarios (+/- 1.5%).

The Dual-Sided S-Works Power Cranks utilize separate strain gauge systems to individually measure the effort produced by each leg. This maximizes the accuracy of your total power numbers, plus it helps you to better understand your performance as fatigue increases and when you're recovering from injury. And with class-leading temperature compensation firmware and waterproof enclosures, Power Cranks are easy to live with. Calibration is only required during seasonal-type fluctuations in temperature, and the included wrench makes battery swaps a breeze.

无论你的骑行技术水平或骑行经验如何怎样,提高你的训练和比赛的表现最好的方法就是使用功率计。幸运的是,我们给轻盈而硬朗的碳纤维 S-WORKS POWER曲柄加入了双侧功率测量功能,让它成为了超级轻盈 (440 克/172.5mm) 而精准的功率计。 功率曲柄的研发从我们的运动表现团队在现实场景中观察骑士开始。从历史上看,功率计一般通过两种不同的方法进行验证,一种是通过测量应用于曲柄或者齿盘的静态的线性负载来测量产生的扭矩,而第二种则使用自行车驱动发电马达。但是骑行既不是静止的,也不是线性的,人类的力量输出与机器的差别很大。因此,我们发现这些方法都不能解决 真实世界 的准确性问题。 为了在各种骑行场景中获得理想的测试精度,,我们打造了自己的自行车跑步机,并称之为WinMill。以此测量真实的功率输出。这个新的基准让我们得以评估在各种骑行条件下的准确性——坐姿与站姿,各种力量和踏频,不同的重量,和各种齿比。这个数据采集过程是我们测试功率计的黄金标准,通过我们在科罗拉多州博尔德的运动实验室进行的测试和外部验证,证明了功率曲柄在现实世界的场景中具有很高的精确度 (+/-1.5%)。 双边S-Works Power曲柄利用独立的应力计系统单独测量每条腿所输出的力量。这将更好地提高你的总功率数的准确性。此外它还可以帮助你更好地理解你在疲劳都增加,或者在伤痛恢复阶段的表现。使用一流的温度补偿固件和防水外壳,我们的功率曲柄使用维护都很容易。校准只需要在季节性的温度波动时执行。附赠的扳手让更换电池轻松愉快。