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S-Works Renegade 2Bliss Ready

S-Works Renegade 2Bliss Ready

Part No. 01118-6021

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The new generation of S-Works mountain bike tires have been developed with one goal—to win races. That's why we made the S-Works Renegade to be perfect for fast accelerations and climbing over hard-pack terrain. It has a fast-rolling tread design with carefully shaped knob blocks to lighten the tire, while maintaining enhanced cornering traction and braking effectiveness. It also features our own GRIPTON® compound that maximizes mechanical grip, damps vibration, and offers unparalleled traction in either wet or dry conditions. How? Our GRIPTON® compound recipe filters low and high frequencies, keeping your tires planted and you in control.

  • Casing: 120 TPI
  • Bead: Foldable
  • Butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready
  • Compound: GRIPTON®
  • 29 x 2.1", psi 25-50, approximate weight 510g
  • 29 x 2.3", psi 25-50, approximate weight 575g

新一代的S-Works山地车外胎,研发目的只有一个——赢得比赛。所以我们将S-Works Renegade打造得更加适合迅猛加速和在硬质路面上爬坡。它拥有滚动快速的齿形设计,每一个胎齿的造型都经过精心雕琢以尽可能减轻重量,同时保持更好的弯道循迹性和刹车效率。它还采用了我们自己的GRIPTON® 胶质,强化了机械附着力,抑制震动,在潮湿和干燥地面都拥有过人的循迹性。如何做到?我们的GRIPTON® 胶质配方能够过滤高低频震动,让我们的轮胎附着地面,让您保持控制力。