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S-Works Turbo

S-Works Turbo

Part No. 00015-1076

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The S-Works Turbo tire sets the standard for how a performance road tire should be. It's fast, light, and supple. It features our GRIPTON® compound with extremely low rolling resistance and superior cornering traction that helped win Worlds on a rain-slicked attack. So no matter if you're climbing with the best of them or descending like a rider possessed, this is the tire for anyone who demands nothing short of the best.

S-Works Turbo轮胎展现了高性能公路车轮胎的表现标准,它快速,轻盈,柔顺,不仅仅是我们制造的速度性能体验优异的轮胎,也是赢得世锦赛的冠军轮胎。它拥有GRIPTON胶质,滚阻超低,弯道操控性高,帮助在雨天的湿滑赛道上赢得了世锦赛。所以不管你是想要尽力爬坡还是要飘逸地下坡,这款胎适合任何想要更好装备的骑士。