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S-Works Turbo Allround 2 – Tubular

S-Works Turbo Allround 2 – Tubular

Part No. 00015-9005

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The S-Works Turbo Allround 2 Tubular is the tire of choice for many professional riders due to its enhanced performance traits over current offerings. It features an extremely low level of rolling resistance, superior cornering traction, and astounding grip through various course conditions. In other words, it's the tire that's purpose-built to help you get to the finish line first.

S-Works Turbo Allround 2管胎是很多职业车手的选择,因为它拥有更好的性能,更低的滚动阻力,更好的弯道循迹性和各种赛道环境中的惊人附着力。换句话说,这款轮胎就是专门为了帮助骑士第一个冲过终点线设计的。