S-Works Turbo Road Tubeless

S-Works Turbo 真空公路胎

Part No.: 00014-1154

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The S-Works Turbo Road Tubeless tire serves up the ultimate in tubeless performance. It features startlingly low rolling resistance, while also serving as a lighter weight option than other leading clincher/tube combos on the market. Not stopp... Read More

S-Works Turbo真空公路胎带来了强大的无内胎性能。它的滚阻低到令人乍舌,同时与内胎+开口胎的组合相比也保持了重量上的优势。不仅如此,GRIPTON胶质为您带来了更好的弯道循迹性,让您得以在爬坡时节省体力,在下坡时也速度更快。

  • 胎唇: 折叠
  • 胶质: GRIPTON
  • 防刺技术: BlackBelt
  • 700 x 24mm, 胎压90-115PSI, 重量约: 240g
  • 700 x 26mm, 胎压90-115PSI, 重量约: 280g