S-Works Venge Stem

S-Works Venge 把立

Part No.: 20019-1601

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The S-Works Venge stem has been designed to work as a system with the Venge cockpit to optimize aerodynamics, stiffness, and weight.
  • Compatible with Venge integrated cockpit.
  • Cleans up the cockpit without complicating bike build.<... Read More

S-Works Venge的设计是Venge操控系统的一个部分,它优化空气动力学性能、刚性和重量

  • 兼容Venge整合式把组
  • 清爽把组,无需繁复走线
  • 整合式码表安装座
  • 重量约:207g(100mm)
  • 80-140mm 长度可选
  • 6度和12度上扬可选