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S-Wrap Cork Handlebar Tape

S-Wrap Cork Handlebar Tape

Part No. 2554-2011

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When you look at the start line of a race that's bound for rough roads, you're sure to see bar upon bar wrapped in cork tape. Why? Because it's tough to beat the vibration absorbing properties of this natural material. With our S-Wrap Cork Handlebar Tape, however, we managed to do one better.

It features a dual-density design that pairs cork with EVA foam tape, and the result of this is an incredible reduction in hand fatigue. We didn't stop there, though. We also gave it an elastomer gel backing to heighten the aforementioned, as well as overall comfort. And for easy installation, we kept everything highly stretchable and low in profile.

当你看着比赛的起点线,知道肯定有粗糙路面的时候,你肯定会看到很多软木把带缠绕的车把。为什么?因为这种自然材料的减震性能非常好。我们的S-Warp Cork把带,带来优秀的性能。 它拥有双重密度设计,将软木与EVA发泡胶带结合。结果可以大幅度降低手部疲劳。不过我们并没有就此满足。我们给它背后加上了弹力凝胶,让它更加舒适。为了简化安装,它还采用了轻薄而高弹力的材料。