S2-Snap Boa® Kit

S2-Snap Boa® 组件

Part No.: 61315-9952

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Personalizing or fixing your shoes just got easier. With our S2-Snap Boa® Kit, you"re able to painlessly replace or customize your shoes" hardware. Check our tech specs below to be sure that this kit is compatible with your shoes.

个性化或者维修您的骑行鞋更容易了,可以用这款S2-Snap Boa®组件来轻松替换或者个性化您鞋子的配件。参考下面的技术资料以确定它是否适合您的鞋。

  • 包含:一个左侧旋钮总成,一个右侧旋钮总成,含两根束带
  • 可用于以下型号:
  • S-Works 公路骑行鞋
  • S-Works XC 骑行鞋
  • 女士 S-Works XC骑行鞋
  • Pro XC骑行鞋
  • 女士 Cascade骑行鞋
  • Rime Expert骑行鞋
  • Comp MTB骑行鞋
  • 女士 Motodiva骑行鞋