Shiv Disc Carbon Post

Shiv Disc 碳纤维座管

Part No.: 28119-3600

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  • Aerodynamic FACT carbon construction that’s compatible with the Shiv Disc.
  • Profile that integrates with the shape of the rear Hydration Fuelcell for maximum aerodynamic performance.
  • Cylindrical aluminum head assembly adj... Read More

这款Shiv Disc的替换座管通过0mm和25mm两组不同的后飘数据为您带来适合您的fit设定

  • 气动的FACT碳纤维结构,适用于Shiv Disc
  • 符合后置Fuelcell储水仓的形状带来更好的气动效果
  • 配备圆柱形铝合金座管头,借助其上的单个螺钉可以调整座管的前后位置和倾斜度。
  • 后飘:0/+25mm