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男士 SL Air 限量短袖骑行服

男士 SL Air 限量短袖骑行服

Part No. 63119-2101

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VaporRize™ lightweight, soft mesh fabric tackles moisture management, while remaining soft against the skin and supportive in all the right places. UPF 30+ rating protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Slim Fit provides a precise, second skin level of fit that's ideal for hard days out, aggressive training, or top-level racing.

• Three standard pockets, provide ample space to securely house all of your ride essentials.

• Full-length front zipper gives you the power to manage ventilation under hard efforts or chilly descents.

• Slim Fit closely conforms to the body,lightweight while remaining soft against the skin.

• Reflective elements increase your visibility.

轻盈,柔软的VaporRize™ 针织面料搭配透气网眼提升排汗能力,同时保持柔软的皮肤触感并在正确的地方带来支撑。UPF 30+ 保护您的皮肤,减少紫外线伤害。贴身版型带来紧致犹如第二层皮肤的贴合,适合艰难的全天骑行,高强度训练或者高水平竞赛。.

• 三个标准口袋方便您携带骑行必需品。

• 前襟全拉链,让您在努力骑行或者寒冷的下坡中调整通风。

• 更好贴合性,保证轻量同时增强舒适性。

• 反光元素便于被发现,更安全。