Soft Air Reflective Tall Socks

Soft Air Reflective 高筒骑行袜

Part No.: 64720-2602

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The Soft Air Reflective Tall socks provide the perfect hit of color and reflectivity in order to keep you visible to motorists at any time of the day or night. We take our Road Tall socks' super soft and compressive construction and add reflective... Read More
Soft Air Reflective 高筒骑行袜提供来非常好的的色彩和反射率,使您在白天或晚上的任何时间都可以被驾驶员看到。 我们采用公路高筒骑行袜的超柔软抗压构造,并在顶部边缘添加反光条。 它由数百万个玻璃珠组成,这些玻璃珠接收光并将其反射回光源,从而为您提供一个移动的信号标,使驾驶员更容易发现你。

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