Special Eyes Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Special Eyes 短袖T恤

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Sometimes we’ve gotta look back at where this crazy ride started almost 50 years ago in 1974. Fresh from the vault, this unique design was born during our founding days and now we’ve brought it back for today’s riders. Grab one of these limited... Read More

有时候我们还是要回头看看近五十年前,也就是1974年,这一疯狂的旅程开始的时候。从我们珍藏的宝库中新鲜出炉的这一特殊设计来自我们初创的年代,而现在,我们将它献给今天的骑士。来一件这款限量的Special Eyes 短袖T恤,给自己装点一些Specialized的历史气息。

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