Speedzone II

Speedzone II

Part No.: 48120-1300

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The Speedzone II gets right down to business—no frills, just the facts. Want to know how fast or far you’re going or how long it’s taken you to get there? This compact little unit will spell it out in large, easy-to-read digits. With a display ... Read More

Speedzone II直入主题,不耍花枪,让事实说话。想知道自己骑得多快,多远?或者用了多长时间才到?这个小玩意儿将会以大屏幕和易读的数字告诉您。显示屏上没有繁杂的信息,您扫一眼就能够知道自己骑行的基础数据。为了让一切保持简洁,这款码表还拥有自动唤醒和自动计时功能,您甚至无需再开始或者停止骑行的时候按任何按钮。

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