Stix Arm/Leg Band Mount

STIX 手臂/脚踝束带安装座

Part No.: 49116-9370


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Increase your visibility by using the Stix Arm/Leg Band mount to attach your Stix light to arms and legs. A great way for commuters to keep their pantleg out of the chain, while increasing visibility. Also perfect for triathletes who want to be se... Read More

Stix 臂带/腿带,可将Stix灯具佩戴在手臂或者腿部,提升骑行安全性。

  • 包括固定式安装件和弹性绷带佩戴系统。
  • 绑于脚踝处,避免裤腿与车链擦曾
  • 提升Stix车灯的可视性和用途多样性,不论是骑车还是其他运动