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Stix Elite 2 Headlight

Stix Elite 2 Headlight

Part No. 49120-1800

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Day or night, the Stix Elite headlight packs a powerful punch. Running in Steady-High mode at night, it delivers 100 lumens of focused, strong, and bright light to guide your way. It’s a true to-see-by headlight. During the day, your visibility and safety becomes its first priority. Running in Power Flash mode, this tiny package delivers 200 lumens-worth of “see me now” light, making it a beacon for all road users. And depending on the chosen mode, the Stix Elite will run for up to 112 hours, and it’s easily charged via built-in USB tab, which eliminates the need for a cable.

无论是白天还是晚上,Stix Elite 车前灯都是您强有力的保障。在夜间以高强度常亮模式运行,它提供100流明的广角照明,高亮的光线指明您的道路。这是一款真正的可透视光束头灯。在白天,您的可见性和安全性是它的首要任务。在高强闪烁模式下运行,这个小巧的头灯可提供200流明,可使您立即被看到的灯光,使其成为骑士的安全信标。基于工作模式,Stix Elite续航最高可达约112小时,而且Stix还能通过USB接口简便地充电。