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Stix Elite 2 Taillight

Stix Elite 2 Taillight

Part No. 49120-2100

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Nothing says “see me now” louder than a strong and bright taillight, both for day or nighttime use. With its spherical lens, which directs lumens more than a 1/2 mile (800m) in the brightest California sun, the Stix Elite taillight is the go-to taillight for our infamous Lunch Ride. It’s all about peace of mind, really, and with its six light modes, you get multiple options for day or night visibility. And depending on the chosen mode, this taillight will run for up to 77 hours, and it’s easily charged via built-in USB tab, which eliminates the need for a cable.

无论白天还是晚上,没有什么比一盏高亮的尾灯更能帮助你在路上被看到了。Stix Elite尾灯是我们中午骑行的首选尾灯,它的球面透镜流明在加州耀眼阳光下可见度超过1/2英里(约800米)。这让你在骑行时感到安心,真的,它有六种灯光模式,你可按需选择白天或晚上的能见度。基于所选模式,这款尾灯最高续航可达约77个小时,而且可以通过内置USB接口轻松充电,不需要额外的电线。