Stix Reflector Mount

STIX 反光板安装基座

Part No.: 49116-9360

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Mounts a Stix light to the CPSC or DIN standard reflector mount found on nearly every rack out there, including the Specialized Pizza Rack. If you are running a bag on top of your rear rack, a taillight mounted on your seatpost can be totally obsc... Read More

将Stix车灯装在CPSC,DIN标准的反光板/货架安装座或者Specialized Pizza Rack货架上。

  • 此安装基座可适用于以下接口:
  • 符合CPSC规范(美国消费品安全委员会)的垂直安装座
  • 此基座可安装于水平标准接口
  • Specialized Pizza Rack 货架接口
  • 水平安装Stix车灯
  • 配有所需安装组件