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Stix Switch Headlight/Taillight Combo

Stix Switch Headlight/Taillight Combo

Part No. 49119-4000

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A true two-in-one, the Stix Switch comes at you with a ying/yang mindset, flipping between red or white modes depending on your ride needs. Simply press and hold the button and you can go from a bright red taillight to a simple white headlight in seconds. Increase visibility and flexibility with the Stix Switch.

一款真正的二合一灯具。Stix Switch给您带来阴阳两极,可以根据您的骑行需求在红色或白色之间切换。只需要长按按钮,您就可以在几秒内将它从明亮的红色尾灯转换到简单的白色头灯。用Stix Switch提升自己的可见性和应变能力。