Storm DH

Storm DH

Part No.: 00115-4054

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With soft rubber compounds that stick to wet roots and rocks, as well as precisely spaced knobs that allow the tire to clean while riding over wet trails, the mud-munching Storm DH tire is made for riders who won't shy away from an environmenta... Read More

更软的胶质能够更好地附着潮湿的树根和石块,精准布置的胎齿能在潮湿林道骑行时快速自洁,碾压泥地的Storm DH外胎专为不会因为环境变化而退缩的骑士设计。它在大多数骑士甚至不会想要走过的区域提供循迹性,同时胎唇位置的丁基胶内衬在路线变得特别恶劣的时候给你带来防爆胎的保护。

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