Thermal Liner Gloves


Part No.: 67222-3402

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When you need more insulation for a long, cold ride, our Thermal Liner Gloves are up to the task. They're designed to give you an added level of warmth by wearing them inside another pair of gloves. We made them plenty thin to avoid adding any ... Read More

当您在漫长而寒冷的骑行中需要更好地保暖时,我们的Therminal™ 内衬手套能够胜任。将它戴在我们的 Deflect™ 或者 Element 手套内,可以为您带来额外的保暖效果。我们将它设计得很薄,以免手感臃肿或者影响您的手指触感或握把手感。在春秋季的清凉天气里,特别加强的耐用手掌让它也可以单独使用为双手保暖。

  • 轻薄的手套在为您增加保暖的同时不会在你外部的手套之下过度增加重量和厚度
  • 面料成分:91% 聚酯纤维,9%氨纶