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Therminal™ Bib Tights

Therminal™ Bib Tights

Part No. 64220-0501

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Cold legs make for bad rides, and bad rides are no fun. But, lucky for you, the Therminal™ Cycling Bib Tights take the sting out of Old Man Winter's wrath.

For the construction, these bib tights feature our Therminal™ fabric, which is designed to both insulate and manage moisture buildup. To do so, it has a brushed fleece interior with a light loft that pulls moisture away from skin to evaporate it at the material's surface. This loft also has the added benefit of insulation, which occurs by trapping tiny pockets of warmth between the skin and the fabric. The result? Consistent warmth that doesn't come with the risk of overheating. And to take this principle a step further, we've also included ankle gaiters that create a sealed interface with covers or socks to keep the cold from infiltrating the legs.

As for the fit, they have an articulated cycling design that conforms to the body within the cycling position. This means that throughout your movements, the fabrics will follow the body, not work against them. And as a result, these tights won't cause any chafing, unwanted rubbing, or abrasion.

For the insert, you'll find our Body Geometry 3D Contour Chamois. It features a variable density design that places support and padding where you need it, not where you don't. Additionally, the chamois has a brushed face, providing a touch of added warmth and moisture management.


构造方面,这款背带七分裤采用我们的Therminal™面料,它可以保暖,同时控制水汽的聚集。为了达到这个效果,它的抓绒内壁有一个细微的分层,能让水汽脱离皮肤,在面料表面蒸发掉。这个分层同时还起到保暖作用。因为皮肤和面料表面之间会有细微的空间隔热。带来的结果就是持久的保暖,却又不会有过热的风险。 将此特性进一步发挥,我们还加入了脚踝包裹,遮盖袜筒并密封结合,防止寒气渗透到双腿。


内衬方面采用了Body Geometry 3D Contour裤垫,这种裤垫采用多重密度设计,在身体需要的部位提供恰到好处的支撑。同时,温暖的绒面带来了额外的保暖效果和水分管理。