Trigger Sport

Trigger Sport

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The Trigger Sport tire rolls fast on asphalt, hard-pack, and gravel paths, making it ideal for anyone looking to get the most out of a smooth cyclocross or gravel course. It features a solid casing for improved comfort and handling through corn... Read More

Trigger Sport轮胎在柏油路,硬土路和防火道都滚动快速,让它很适合平整的公路越野或者碎石路面。它拥有坚固的胎体,带来更好的舒适性和弯道操控,而耐用的胶质让它滚动快速,同时足够强悍以应对碎石路面。更好的是38和42毫米尺寸拥有我们的BlackBelt防刺技术,让你在骑行碎石路面和其他粗糙道路的时候更加安心。0

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