TT/TRI Venge Aero Clip-On Bar

TT/TRI Venge Aero Clip-On 休息把

Part No.: 21019-2015

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With the perfect position comes the perfect result, and with our Venge Aero TT Clip-On Bars, you'll get all of the above. They're made exclusively for the 2019 Venge cockpit, and they're longer than the ITU option, so you'll be able to achieve a f... Read More
只有完美的姿势才能带来完美的成绩。我们的Venge Aero TT Clip-On休息把让你趋于完美。它们是全新2019 Venge上的操控组件专用,并且比ITU版本更长。这样你可以更加伸展,获得更好的贴合和更好的空气动力学性能。

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