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Turbo Cotton

Turbo Cotton

Part No. 00015-1503

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We're not afraid to say that our GRIPTON® compound is the best out there. And when combined with an ultra-supple 320 TPI cotton casing, you get a tire that's very special—you get the Turbo Cotton tire. Both materials stand for master craftsmanship, and they work in harmony to reflect our dedication to building the world's fastest tires. By bringing both of these materials together, we've created the best clincher tire out there. It provides a clear-cut performance advantage.

我们可以自信地说,我们的GRIPTON胶质傲视群雄。当它与柔软的320 TPI棉线胎体相结合的时候,你得到的轮胎就是相当特殊的Turbo Cotton。这两种材料都意味着精工细作。它们的和谐共处反映了我们对制造更快外胎的投入。将这两种材料结合起来,我们打造了我们性能优异的开口轮胎,它能带来的性能优势显而易见。