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Turbo Cotton Hell of The North– Sagan Collection LTD

Turbo Cotton Hell of The North– Sagan Collection LTD

Part No. 00019-1502

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When a tire’s designed for the cobbles of Ronde van Vlaanderen and Paris-Roubaix, it’s safe to say that it’s ready for your hometown roads. Case in point, the Turbo Cotton Hell of the North tire. It features the same tread design found on our S-Works Turbo Hell of the North Tubular version, adding to our collection of the world's fastest tires.

The overall design supports you with more traction and comfort, and in the end, it’ll give you more speed compared to other tires. The supple 320 TPI, cotton casing supplies you with a 15% improvement in damping, and with the help of our GRIPTON® compound, offers 20% less rolling resistance over previous tires used on rough roads. And for added protection, our BlackBelt puncture-protection does a hell of a job protecting against flats.

如果一款轮胎是为了Ronde Van Vlaanderen和Paris-Roubaix这样的路段而设计的,那么我们可以安全地说它也很适合您家乡的道路。这就是Turbo Cotton Hell of the North轮胎。它采用我们S-Works Turbo Hell of the North管胎的胎纹,为我们快速的轮胎家族又添加了一位成员。