Turbo Pro


Part No.: 00016-1124

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The Turbo Pro tire is a competitive clincher that utilizes many of the same features found in the S-Works version. After all, competitive riders need a fast, light, and tough tire, and the Turbo Pro is all three. With its flawless tread, supple... Read More

Turbo Pro是竞赛级的开口胎,拥有诸多源自S-Works版本的特点。最终,骑士需要快速,轻量化,并且坚固的轮胎,Turbo Pro拥有这些特质。优化的胎纹,柔软的胎体和品质卓越的GRIPTON胶质,让它拥有低滚阻和高弯道循迹性。将这些特性整合在一起,你能够在爬坡和下坡的过程中同时享有信心与速度。

  • 胎体:60 TPI
  • 胎唇:折叠
  • 胶质:GRIPTON®
  • 防刺技术:BlackBelt
  • 700 x 24mm;气压范围(psi):100-125;重量约240g
  • 700 x 26mm;气压范围(psi):100-125;重量约250g
  • 700 x 28mm;气压范围(psi):85-95;重量约280g