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Vital Pack

Vital Pack

Part No. 41117-1100

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The Vital Pack concept is pretty simple—conveniently organize and store your nutrition on the bike. To do so, it features easy-to-use straps that connect it to your top/steerer tube. So say goodbye to the days of contorting your body to absently fish through your jersey pockets for a bar. With a single glance, the mesh top of the Vital Pack enables you to survey its contents. But if your preference is more in-line with blindly grabbing on the go, say if you're packing multiples of the same bar or gel, our no fuss/no look magnetic closure will complement your style perfectly.

Vital Pack的理念很简单——方便,整洁地将你的营养补给收纳在车上。为了达到这一目的,它拥有易用的束带,能与你的上管/舵管绑定。你可以与扭曲身体在骑行服背后的口袋里寻找能量棒的日子说再见了。只需要扫一眼,Vital Pack顶部的网眼面料能让内部物品一目了然。如果你喜欢在骑行时盲取物品,那么假设你带了多个相同的能量棒或者能量胶,我们的盲开磁扣系统也能很好地适应你的风格。