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Women's Body Geometry Dual-Gel Gloves

Women's Body Geometry Dual-Gel Gloves

Part No. 67019-1142

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Our Women’s Body Geometry Dual-Gel gloves are all about comfort, and are specifically tailored for female riders. They feature strategically placed gel pads throughout the palm to alleviate hand fatigue by relieving pressure on the ulnar nerve. This design also comes with the added benefit of minimizing hand numbness, as well as reducing many other negative effects that come as a result of road vibrations. Breathability has also been accounted for at the back of the hand, and this means less sweat buildup, while a secure fit is ensured by a contoured Velcro® closure.

我们的女士 Body Geometry Dual-Gel 手套为舒适而生,且为女性骑士量身定制。 整个掌心的gel凝胶垫,通过减轻尺神经的压力来降低手部疲劳感,作用显著。 这款手套除减少手部麻木的诸多优点外,还可减少因道路震动而产生的许多其他负面影响。 手背后部透气性卓越,同时具有优秀的排汗效果,Velcro®的腕口设计还确保了安全贴合。