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Women's Body Geometry Sport Gel Long Finger Gloves

Women's Body Geometry Sport Gel Long Finger Gloves

Part No. 67120-1713

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Comfortable, economical, and performance-driven, the Women’s Body Geometry Sport Long Finger gloves are the perfect first-choice for female riders more focused on comfort and a good time than setting records on every ride. They feature strategically placed gel pads throughout the palm, with additional foam padding in key contact areas. This combination ensures that you'll experience minimal hand fatigue from vibration, so you get more comfort and less pain. And lastly, phone use is a non-issue, as the fingertips are designed to be touchscreen-compatible.

如果您追求的是舒适性和享受骑行的悠闲时光,而非不断刷新骑行记录,舒适,价格美好且性能优越的女士 Body Geometry Sport Gel 长指手套是您的理想选择。 我们在整个掌心的关键区域设有凝胶衬垫,和泡沫填充物。 这种组合可更好地为您吸收崎岖路面的振动,尽可能降低手部疲劳感,从而获得更多的舒适感和更少的疼痛。指尖配备触屏兼容设计,使用手机也不再是问题。