Women's Deflect™ Pac Jacket

女士 Deflect™ Pac 骑行夹克

Part No.: 64419-5602

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Around Specialized HQ, this piece is called the "quiver-killer" and the prototypes have been mysteriously disappearing. In past, you had to decide whether you wanted to have a lightweight packable jacket that would protect you from wind or a no... Read More

在Specialized总部,这款被称作“防抖神器”,而样衣也经常神秘消失。过去您需要在一件可以防风,同时能折叠收纳的夹克,和一件可以防水但是不那么容易折叠收纳的夹克之间选择。现在我们打造了一件可以防风防水,还能完全折叠的夹克。采用轻盈的外层面料和超薄的透气防水膜,Deflect H2O Pac夹克带来了很多更重的衣物才能带来的防护,同时又能塞进骑行服的口袋。我们为它添加了各种标准的防水设计,例如压胶接缝,YKK防水拉链,以及袖口防止水倒灌的设计。